Tinos smiled at us when we first visited twenty years

ago..and it still does.. With 40+ beautiful villages and

the great walking paths connecting them...

Amazing food, local produce and traditional taverns

and restaurants, wonderful residents who are proud

of their island and look after it...

They even managed the catholic, orthodox rift

in an amicable way.. and they smile back at you ..!

The patron god of the island is Poseidon

there is a temple dedicated to him in Kionia.

As for patron saints there are many, for there are 700+ churches and chapels..

The queen of them is the Orthodox Church of the Annunciation of Virgin Mary,

where the miracle working icon is found and pilgrims come all year round.

We also encourage you to visit Tinos all year round..

In fact the best times for a visit is not July and August, where visitors peak along with winds...

With the first rains the island turns emerald green

and the locals start enjoying the bounty of their land

pressing their grapes in September, distilling their local spirit...the raki...in October

opening their barrels and tasting their wine in November, curing their meat in December

and merry making with all in new year.

February and March the island is covered by wild flowers

in April and May Easter celebrations..

Sky house is well equipped for the colder times averaging 16-17 Celcius in the daytime, 

with central heating and fireplaces....